Budgeting for your Bali Wedding

Budgeting for your Bali Wedding

We get many enquiries for weddings in Bali of all shapes, sizes and style, when planning your wedding budget is a big factor.

Based on a 2016 Survey conducted by the Government website Money smart the average cost of an Australian wedding is $36,200 for up to 50 guests.

So when couples think of Bali they think cheaper, but what’s cheaper and what do you get for your money?

Let’s compare the breakdown from Money smart of where this money is spent–

Food, Alcohol and the venue $18,683 ($372 a head)

Photography $3,983

Entertainment $2,896

Flowers and Decorations $2,896

Ceremony – $941

Others (Cars, hair and makeup, accommodation, invitations, favors) – $2534

Wedding clothes and accessories – $4,271


Based on the above information we have put together an average cost of a Bali wedding (2015 -2016 by Bali Brides) –

Food, Alcohol and the venue $7,500 ($150 a head)

Photography $2,000

Entertainment $1,000

Flowers and Decorations $1,500

Ceremony – $750

Others (Cars, hair and makeup, accommodation, invitations, favors) – $1,500

Wedding clothes and accessories – $4,271


Now that you have an idea of costs involved in your wedding when selecting a budget make sure you are factoring in for the above and are realistic about how you want your budget to stretch, we work with budgets of all shapes and sizes and are always happy to help point you in the right direction.

For further enquiries feel free to contact the team at Bali Brides Wedding Planners – tristan@balibrides.com.au


What do we do all day?

Behind the Scenes at Bali Brides!

Many of you have emailed, enquired, Facebooked us and more and you might wonder what actually goes on behind the scenes on a day to day basis at Bali Brides HQ or why sometimes we answer right away and sometimes it might take a few days why some weeks we are so flat out it might take us a week to answer your simple questions.

Well let us give you a little sneaky look into the crazy busy behind the scenes of a normal week at Bali Brides and what we do on a daily Basis!

Emails – Daily we receive minimum 20 emails from clients, vendors, new enquires. All client emails and enquires are received by Tristan and then given to a team member or replied to personally, no templates she reads and resonds to each one! Yanti is in Charge of following up with all vendors, hotels and more to confirm rates, get photos, quotes etc.

With 23 weddings upcoming this year and many new enquires you can imagine we spend about 90% of our time in front of the computer replying to emails!

Social media – Besides emails we also get countless enquires from social media platforms – Facebook Page, Instagram as well as the messages we get on our personal Facebook pages from clients,

Keeping track of the above – Imagine getting facebook messages on your personal page about weddings, other questions on your business page, Instagram enquiries and emails and then getting to the office in the morning and trying to remember who asked what and where!

Quotes – Daily we are sending out new quotes to clients or amending ones we have in the works. Sometimes we have to seek rates from other companies for new pricing or for rates for different packages.

Finding new vendors and suppliers – We have over 100 venues on our books for weddings, that’s right 100! It’s a lot, on top of the existing contacts we have we are also always on the lookout for new venues, florists, caterers, photographers and more, we source them and have to get pricing and packages for you all.

Bookings – Once you confirm your wedding venue, suppliers, photography and more we then arrange to book them in as well as get invoices so we can pay everyone for you to avoid all the international transfer fees.

Follow ups – If you have ever tried to get information in Bali from Balinese you will notice sometimes you don’t get a reply for a VERY LONG TIME! This also happens to us and as much as we appreciate “Bali Time” Sometimes it can take us a week or longer with daily calls and emails to get replies from some companies. We then need to forward the relevant information to our lovely clients!

Client Site Visits – A lot of our clients visit us to view venues and all the fun wedding stuff, when this happens we are out of the office all day focusing on them, doing food, cake tastings, visiting venues.

Site meetings – Once a venue is booked in for a client if we haven’t already been there before we often have to go visit the venue, meet the staff and sometimes take our suppliers to measure areas for decoration, lighting etc in preparation for the big day! We also visit suppliers we rent items off to make sure that their furniture and props are good quality, clean and not damaged.

Accounting / Books  / Banking– Don’t even get me started on this! Some places quote in IDR some in USD, some want 30% deposits, some offer discounts to us for certain items at certain times of the year, monthly specials, letting our clients pay us to our Australian account, getting the money converted to applicable currency for payment to pay everyone. Very time consuming!

Embassy Visits / Pre wedding – When you arrive in Bali for your wedding we meet you a few days prior to your big day to confirm all details as well as do the embassy visit for anyone doing a legal wedding.

Run Sheets – We have to come up with the time table for the wedding day, advise all vendors what times they need to be where and make sure everyone knows the schedule

Wedding day ❤ – On the wedding day we get into the office nice and early, print everything, reconfirm with all vendor’s arrival times and head out to the venue. If it’s a resort, hotel or restaurant we arrive 2 hours before the ceremony to oversee setup. If it’s a villa wedding, we are normally onsite at 9AM. We are there until the end to make sure your day is perfect and everything runs smoothly!


So with peak wedding season coming in, countless site visits and weddings approaching if we haven’t replied to you within 48 hours, we have not forgotten, sometimes we are just prioritizing our upcoming wedding clients or we are out of the office and will be back on track as soon as we have some time to get through all our messages and emails and have been able to follow up on the things you are asking for.

For any enquires or questions feel free  to touch base with our amazing team at Bali Brides wedding planning.

Why use Bali Brides as your wedding planner? What sets us apart?

Obviously if you have found us on the internet we are not the only wedding planner you have come across or the only one you have enquired with. So a very important question is what makes us different and why should you book with us?

I briefly touched on this a few weeks ago but for those of you still wondering below are some key things.

PERSONALISED SERVICE – I can guarantee you that you will not get the same level of service from any other planning company in the industry. This is one thing you will love in a few months’ time when you suddenly have all these questions and need to get in touch quickly.

I personally answer all enquiries whether they come through via email, Instagram or facebook – now this isn’t restricted to certain hours. Any of my current couples will let you know that I answer their questions at all sorts of crazy times, 6am, 3pm, 11pm, weekends and weekdays. If I am awake and you send me a message I will reply almost straight away or let you know when I can. You will not get this kind of response from any other company in Bali, I know because I have tried, unless its business hours you will be waiting. Some companies don’t even reply if your budget isn’t big enough or they don’t think there is enough revenue from your wedding, so bad!

I cannot stress enough how important service is in this industry, it’s one of the biggest days of your life you want someone to be there to help you whenever you need it! The fact that I have venues recommending me as a wedding planner to clients booking through them shows my attention to detail and great communication.

Meetings, Site visits, Tours, Hens days, Dress pressing, birthday surprises- You name it I will help where I can! As long as you are booking my services I am happy to meet with you and take you to view locations and meet vendors at no charge. Need something special arranged while you are here for a friend, your fiancé or a family member? Let me know I am happy to help! I recently went on a sneaky mission to order balloons and a cake for a client’s friend and dropped them to their hotel room while they were out as a birthday surprise from my future bride.

Pricing – I touched on this briefly too, you will find my fees and allowing you to pay in AUD are a lot cheaper than most other companies. I will also not overcharge you for venues or mark up prices horrendously. Did I mention you can pay in AUD to me and I will pay all your suppliers to avoid multiple international expensive transfers? Well you can J

Countless contacts – Not only do I have contacts in Bali but I also have contacts In Australia, want to arrange your legal side of things in Australia before you fly out? No problem I can arrange for you!

Still unsure? Test it out!

Pop me through a message on facebook or email me You won’t be disappointed!

If you are on a bridal forum on facebook ask someone about me, I am a frequent visitor and advice giver on many forums as well, as I tell any one – Advice is free 🙂




Villa weddings – things you should know

Here at Bali Brides we often get enquires for Villa weddings in Bali, let’s face it they are amazing! Jennifer Hawkins got married at the gorgeous Semara Villas and with so many cliff top locations with panoramic views and privacy galore, who wouldn’t want that?

We love love love planning Villa weddings but before you get your heart set on one let me ask you one question? Is your budget $20,000 Plus? Because that’s what you will be looking at minimum.. Let me explain why.

Villas in Bali are firstly, accommodations. Yes it’s fantastic that you can stay there with your family or Bridal party Etc and have a private pool, chef, driver, maids and all the luxury you want. But what happens when you want to hold a wedding at a villa that is capable of catering for maybe 20 people for meals?

Firstly there is a minimum night stay for all Villas, depending on the time of year this can range from 3-7 nights that you have to hire the Villa for, prices per night can range from USD $600 – $6000 a night.. Unless all your guests are happy to pay that kind of money for accommodations you may be left with quite a high bill just for the accommodation side of things.

Event fees – All Villas will charge a set event fee to be able to have any sort of function, wedding or event there. This fee normally covers things like the local Banjar fee, sometimes electricity and just the privilege of having a wedding there. This fee again can vary from anywhere from USD $1000 – $5000. So if we even it out in the middle based on low season with minimum 3 night’s accommodation you will be looking at about $6000 USD starting price for your venue.

When getting married at a Villa you are pretty much starting with a blank canvas and we will need to hire almost everything you need. What will you need? Let’s start with the basics –

Wedding ceremony decorations – Flowers, Wedding arch or pergola, Signing table, Bouquets, chairs. Let’s budget in roughly $1500 for this.

Cocktail hour decoration – What will your guests be doing while you have photos – You will need staff to serve drinks, maybe some sort of entertainment, bar setup, cocktail tables or area. Let’s budget in another $700. Are you having canapés and drinks? $15 starting per head for canapés and depending on your bar arrangement starting rate of $35 USD per guest for free flow beer and soft drinks for the evening. Based on a rough number of 50 guests that’s about $2,500 USD.

Tables, Chairs, Cutlery, Plates – These will all need to be hired as Villas do not have the facility to provide all of the items or the number required for the ceremony and the reception. Then you also need linen – Tablecloths, Sashes, Napkins, and Staff to clean up and set up. Most catering companies we use will provide all of the above when you order a set dinner or buffet dinner which starts at about $60 USD per guest. Lets say you have 50 guests – There’s another $3000

Reception Decorations – Think lighting, generators, marquees, dance floors, flowers, and centerpieces. All things that you will need to hire.. Maybe another $1500.

Now all the above are just starters for setting up your wedding. Not including our planning fee, do you know that for a wedding at any Villa we are required to be on site first before any vendors, decorators etc arrive, this is normally about 9am and we have to be the last to leave after pack down, sometimes not till after midnight. Giving ourselves an hour travel this can be and 16 hour day for our team which is why there is an extra fee of $500 for any Villa weddings for our services.

Now lets look at other rough costings that you will probavly want / need.

  • Celebrant or legal wedding starting price of $400
  • Bouquets and button holes starting price of $60 per set
  • Hair and makeup starting price of $150 per person
  • Photography starting price of $600 for 4 hours
  • Videography starting price of $600 for 4 hours
  • Entertainment starting cost of $600

Can you see how quickly all this adds up?

Now please please do not let this put you off having a Villa wedding, we in no way want to do that. But we do want you to be realistic about costing and budget, If your budget is less then $20,000 please let us know your vision and we will try our best to find the perfect venue but it will not be a villa.

If the above is within your budget FANTASTIC! As I said we LOVE Villa weddings and have many gorgeous locations to choose from and would love to help you plan your dream wedding!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or enquires – tristan@balibrides.com.au

Thanks for reading, from the Tristan and the team at Bali Brides wedding planning.

Using Australian companies for services for your Bali wedding?

Something that we hear often when planning weddings in Bali is – We are bringing our own – Photographer / Hair and makeup artist / celebrant/ band etc.

Or – I am a Photographer / hair and makeup artist / celebrant / band etc in Australia and would love to work with you for future weddings.

Now we love when couples have preferred companies or suppliers in Australia that they already know and trust or hearing from new industry talent wanting to help achieve amazing Bali weddings. However one thing not a lot of people realize is you cannot just jump on a plane, come to Bali and work at a wedding.

Indonesia like many other countries require any person wanting to work in the country to have the applicable working permit or Visa. If you are wanting to use your own supplier for any services they will need to apply for a working Visa, now let me tell you it is not an easy or cheap process. To give you an idea for myself to work in Bali I had to get a local friend to start a company (which I paid for and arranged) set up all applicable licenses for the above company and then “hire me” and sponsor me for a Visa so I can work. This whole process took 6 months!! And cost more than $1500 AUD for my working Visa alone not to mention all the applicable company costs. Not cheap.

Sure you can bring your own photographer to your wedding but there are very high chances that they can be denied entry to Bali when they show up with only a holiday Visa, or if caught working they will be fined, deported and normally banned from Bali for a 6 month period. Not to mention the fines we can get if we are working with people without the applicable Visas.

So in short yes you are more than welcome to bring your own suppliers but please be aware of the above and also know that some venues will not allow them on site and we will not be able to liaise or help them with any aspects due to the implications that it can cause.

But rather than go through all the above and have extra costs or hassles involved or have a risk of one of the main suppliers for your wedding getting in trouble and not making it why not ask us about the many talented companies and vendors we have available in Bali?

Photography, Videography, Hair and makeup, entertainment, celebrants and more! This is why using Bali Brides to plan your wedding can save you a lot of hassle for you big day. We know the requirements, the laws and best of all we have many talented services and fantastic pricing at our fingertips to make your day perfect!

For more info or to enquire about booking us to plan your Bali wedding please contact me – Tristan@balibrides.com.au and visit our facebook and website to keep up to date.



Commitment Ceremonies in Bali

Last week we discussed in detail the requirements and extra costs involved for a legal wedding in Bali.

This week we are going to touch on the difference with commitment Ceremonies and the Pros and Cons.

A commitment ceremony is a non legal wedding ceremony which would be the same as a normal wedding except it will not be legally binding in your home country and you would arrange this side of things prior to coming to Bali.

These ceremonies are popular for couples wishing to renew their vows, same sex couples and couples who would prefer to sort the legal side out in their home country prior to coming to Bali so that it’s all done and they can enjoy their holiday and wedding without any hassles.

This type of ceremony can be a lot easier and less stressful to arrange due to many reasons which I will outline below –

  • No paperwork required- With a legal ceremony we require a few documents including passports, birth certificates, witness passports, certificate of no impediment from your embassy’s, divorce certificates (if applicable) church letters etc etc. With a commitment ceremony none of that is required you just show up on the day and enjoy!
  • Western/English speaking Celebrant – With a legal wedding there isn’t much choice as to who your minister or government official will be, yes they will speak English, but how good it will be can be quite up and down. Our Minister and official for our wedding was quite hard to make out which unfortunately made our vows not as special as we had to have them repeated a few times. With a commitment ceremony we hand pick your celebrant and ensure they speak perfect English to make your ceremony perfect.
  • No running around prior to wedding – In addition to the paperwork Bali Brides required you to put aside a day a minimum of 2 business days prior to your wedding so we can get your photos for your certificate and take you out to the Australian Embassy to apply for your CNI.
  • No extra fees – With a legal wedding in Bali you need to fork out extra cash for a few things – Certificate of no impediment (CNI) which is about $110 per person, the bride will also have to lodge and pay to change her name If she wishes to apply for a passport under her married name which is not required if marrying in Australia Legally.
  • You know it’s done – Weddings give you a lot to do without having to run around prior to your wedding day to sort out last minute things. In the unlikely event that something should go wrong prior to your day like Bali Belly or anything that might prevent you from making your meeting at the embassy at least you know you are legally married all ready. It has never happened to us yet but these meetings cannot be rescheduled so if you miss them unfortunately we cannot perform a legal wedding on the day.
  • Only one ceremony – We mentioned last week that for a legal wedding you effectively will have 2 ceremonies – 1 Religious and a 2nd one performed by a government official making it legal. With commitment you can completely choose your own text which is great for those who do not follow any religion, and you only have 1 ceremony and once it’s done you can celebrate!

If you do decide to have a commitment ceremony and save the hassle we have the pleasure of working in conjunction with some amazing celebrants in WA, QLD and SA and are looking for some in each state.

What this means for you is we can still arrange a complete legal wedding but you can do the legal side in Australia and then have your wedding and party in Bali. Our Bali celebrants can meet you at a restaurant or location of your choice including the airport which is much nicer than going the registry office.

So let’s way up the pros and cons

Pros –

  • Easier to arrange
  • No paperwork needed
  • Less running around
  • Western celebrant
  • Can be cheaper
  • Less hassle to change name
  • Only one ceremony
  • Perfect for vow renewal and same sex couples
  • Help arranging legal side in Australia

Cons –

  • “2 wedding dates” Day you legally marry and have wedding

To be honest besides the above I cannot think of any other cons, it really is a great option but here at Bali Brides we are here to help with all aspects of YOUR wedding so the choice is up to you.

For more info please contact us at – Tristan@balibrides.com.au

Please also see our amazing partner company – My Bali Celebrant 

Legal weddings in Bali

One of the most important questions we ask couples when they first contact us about having their wedding in Bali is what kind of wedding they want to have.

Now some people get confused by this and don’t really understand the difference so let us take the time to cover all you need to know.

When you choose to Marry in a foreign country there are many things you need to consider, not just what type of flowers you want or where you will have the wedding but also what happens when you get home? Are you changing your name to take your husbands last name? If so you need to have all the supporting documents to be able to do so and there is a process to follow and sometimes extra fees that need to be paid.

First let me explain the legal side of things if you choose to do it in Bali, next week I will cover commitment ceremonies.

First of all Indonesia only recognizes the following religious ceremonies to be legal and each religion has their own requirements separate to what the Indonesian government need –

  • Protestant (Recommended)
  • Catholic
  • Muslim
  • Buddhist
  • Hindu

Now there are set requirements that must be provided in order to qualify for the above types of weddings. Lets start at the top and work our way down.

Requirements for all legal weddings in Bali

All legal weddings in Bali will need to be overseen by a government official, once the minister of religion has completed their ceremony the government official will then do a second brief ceremony to make it all legal and you will be presented 2 marriage certificate – One from the church and one from the government which is your legal certificate you will use back home to change your name and prove you are married.

  • Certificate of no impediment from the Australian embassy (or country of citizenship) This certificate is required by the Bride and the Groom to confirm that you are legally not already married, over the age of consent and are free to marry. This can be obtained at the Australian Embassy in Bali by booking an appointment for a minimum of 2 business days prior to the wedding, the current cost of this is $110 AUD per person and is to be paid in IDR on the day. You will need to present the following at the consulate – Passport, Copy of Decree absolute if divorced, Copy death certificate of former spouse if applicable, copy of documentary evidence of any name changes if applicable, Birth Certificate.
  • 6 Passport sized photos with a red background of the bride and groom side by side, groom must be on the right of the bride in a collared shirt and bride must have shoulders covered. This is for your certificate of marriage.
  • Copy of Bride and Grooms Passports, Birth certificates as well as a copy of 2 witnesses passports sent to your wedding planner prior to arriving in Bali (2 months prior recommended) to lodge with the relevant parties
  • Filled out application and booking form which can be obtained from your wedding planner
  • Government official booked to oversee wedding ceremony performed d by minister of religion and then perform legal ceremony

Legal Protestant wedding

This is by far the easiest and most accessible type of legal wedding in Bali for foreigners to be able to do and I recommend this to all couples wanting to marry legally in Bali.

Extra Requirements

  • Filled out application and booking form for Protestant church which can be obtained from your wedding planner
  • Protestant priest booked for wedding to perform wedding ceremony

Catholic Legal wedding

This is originally what I wanted for my wedding, but when I realized all the hoops we had to jump through and paperwork required it was just way to hard, see for yourself why.


  • Ceremony must take place in Catholic church in Bali, no other venue
  • Copy of bride and grooms baptism certificates
  • Copy of baptism certificates for 2 witnesses
  • Liberth / Single status letter from priest in your country
  • Pre marriage counseling course certificate from priest in your country
  • Canon investigation from priest in your country
  • Delegation letter from priest in your country to priest in Bali giving consent to marry you  and lead your wedding ceremony
  • Dispensation letter from priest in your country to priest in Bali with permission for different religion wedding
  • Catholic Priest booked for your wedding at the catholic church in Bali, donation to church
  • Please note if either the bride or groom are divorced they will not be able to marry under the catholic church

Muslim legal wedding

This one is actually pretty easy but not very popular due but I will cover it briefly anyway.

  • Documents to show Muslim is bride and grooms religion, conversion certificate if applicable
  • Must be carried out by  a member of the Kantor Urusan Agama
  • Dowry to be paid brides family
  • Additional photos on a blue background of Bride and groom by themselves

Changing your name

The most important part of your marriage starts when you get back home – Changing your name but where to start?

First change your name on your drivers license or Id, once this is done it is a lot easier to change your name with banks, medicare etc. You will just need to present your marriage certificates at the license office in your state.

Passport – Now this one is a bit more difficult if you are married oversees as you will need to apply for a RBDM change of name certificate in order in your state to change your name on your passport. This will be at a cost of about $160 AUD. For more information please refer to –https://www.passports.gov.au/web/requirements/namechangemarriage.aspx


Costs of legal wedding roughly not including venue or inclusions –

Priest of religion – $350

Government official – $150

Certificate of no impediment for couple- $220

Change of name certificate for passport for bride – $160

Driver for day to arrange CNI, photos etc – $50

Total estimated cost – $880

In reading all of the above you may feel a bit overwhelmed or out of debt, don’t worry that is perfectly normal. At Bali Brides we will help with all of the above should you choose to have a full legal wedding, including booking relevant services, helping with paper work and even taking you to the consulate and to get photos done prior to your wedding day. For more information or to book please email tristan@balibrides.com.au or see www.balibrides.com.au

Next week we will cover off Commitment ceremonies and how to do the legal side in Australia should you want an easier option?



Why book through us?

Another question that often comes up although people might be too afraid to ask is Why do we need a wedding planner? Or why should we use you?

There are multiple benefits of having a wedding planner when having a wedding in Bali, I will try cover them the best I can.

  1. Save time on researching –  You don’t need to be contacting multiple vendors for pricing and quotes and going back in forward. We have dozens of venues, hotels, villas, chapels, restaurants and more for you to pick a venue from, if you don’t see anything you like tell us and we will do all the hard work and find something perfect for you. We also have contacts for EVERYTHING – Hair and makeup, photography, videography, photobooths, decorations, bands, djs, tailors, wishing well and prop hire and more. Instead of spending hours searching we can give you a variety of options for all aspects of your wedding.
  2. Unbiased opinions – When booking directly through a lot of hotels they are always going to tell you that they are the best, or you HAVE to use their Photographer/ DJ etc. As we have no direct benefit of doing this we will give you multiple options and our honest opinion of places. Whether it be – “Yes that place is lovely but the service is horrible” or “That is really expensive for ______” Don’t get caught out because you don’t have all the facts.
  3. Variety – Some places will tell you that certain aspects of their packages are compulsory and the reason for this is they always use that particular item or company so they don’t have to do any extra work for your wedding day. By using a wedding planner we look after all coordination and liaising for the wedding which equals less work for the vendor so they do allow us to chop and change packages and inclusions most of the time.
  4. Price – This one is a very mixed opinion.. Sure you will pay extra to have our services but you will also save in the long run. For example, lets say you book your wedding through a resort, book your own cake, photography and band. You will have to pay a deposit in IDR or USD to each of these places, now in Australia I am with commonwealth bank and for every international transfer I have to pay $30 as a transaction fee. Times that by 4 payments for deposits and again for the balance and that is $240 in bank fees, not to mention any other fees involved. I allow my customers to pay me in AUD. I in turn then pay all vendors in Bali so you get to bypass those fees. Also as a wedding planner I do get discounts and special rates that you wont get by booking directly.
  5. Peace of mind – With all the media in Australia at et the moment with other wedding planners going belly up or doing the wrong thing you can be rest assured that will never happen with Bali Brides. We are a registered company in Bali with all applicable visas and permits to run a business and I also have an abn in Australia so I am fully liable for your wedding day. I have great references from hotels and vendors in Bali and my overheads are low as I am based in Bali so there is no need for me to fly in and out for weddings.
  6. Location and language barrier – Trying to plan a wedding from a different country when you don’t know areas or prices is hard. I planned my own wedding in Bali and now live here. I also have a local wedding planner working with me who can translate and always make sure needs and any thing you need are made clearer with suppliers and vendors making your big day much easier!
  7. Personalized service – I find this is one of the best compliments I get on a daily basis. I reply to all emails, enquires and Facebook messages personally, you will never have a generic template email that you don’t understand. I have many clients personal message me through facebook to ask questions and there is never any enquiry to big or small can guarantee you that you will not get that kind of service from ANY other wedding planning company in Bali and I pride myself on great customer service!

All in all having a wedding planner can save you a lot of stress and hassle on the day as all you need to do is sit back and relax! For more information or to book with us please email me – Tristan@balibrides.com.au

Thanks 🙂

How much cheaper is it to get married in Bali?

A question we often get asked is how cheaper is a Bali Wedding then a wedding in Australia?

Great question but it really depends on your budget and style.

For example – The wedding we had in Bali cost us just under $10,000 AUD for 22 people including –

A Wedding planner, all legals done in bali, celebrant and government official, Gorgeous venue on the beach at the amazing Nusa Dua, (see profile photo on facebook – (www.facebook.com/balibridesau), Flowers for myself and my two bridesmaids (white and peach roses), hair and makeup for the 3 of us, 2 decorated bridal cars for bridal party and groom party, welcome drinks at the ceremony, tissue wedding favours for all guests, stubby cooler favours for all guests, champagne toasts, bus and transport to our separate reception venue in legian beach, canapes and bar tab for cocktail hour, huge buffet seafood and bbq dinner, 3 tier wedding cake, acoustic quartet band for 4 hours, lighting and all decorations and 8 hours of photography and videography with 2 videographers and photographers with all photos on disk, a video and short film clip and a canvas print with 3 photo albums..

Now in saying that we looked at having a similar style wedding in Australia on the Gold Coast and came up with the following –

Council permit to have ceremony on the beach – $500

Decorations, chairs, flower decorations, candles, ribbons, pergola altar table and sound system hire – $2500

Hair and make up for 3 girls – $540

Bouquets and boutonnières of roses – $400

2 decorated cars for bridal and groom party – $700

Welcome drinks and staff to serve  -$500

Celebrant with legals – $450

Transport to reception venue for all guests- $400

Reception venue hire fee on the beach – $2500

Canapes and bar tab for 22 guests – $1750

Seafood and bbq buffet dinner for 22 guests – $2200

Now just the above is already close $13,000 and that is with NO wedding planner to assist, No photography, No Entertainment, No Cake, No favours etc.. Our wedding in Australia for the same thing would of easily been more then double if not more considering more guests would of come had it been in Australia.

Even with our flights and accommodation factored in we got the most amazing relaxed day and for less then half the cost of what we could of got it for in Australia.

Another thing we also hear often is people say “but my auntie, cousin, niece, friend etc etc wedding only cost ___ in Australia”.

That’s great and I am sure it was gorgeous… But where did they have it? Did they have photography for the whole day and video? Was it a great view? Did they have a band? Did they have to plan it all themselves and stress about every little detail? Were there drinks, nibbles and a full dinner? What was really included?

Yes you can have a cheap wedding in Australia, but does it compare to what you would get in Bali for the same price? Simply put.. No. But each to their own this is just a little guideline to give you an idea of the difference 🙂

For more info feel free to contact us http://www.balibrides.com.au